Cancellation and Refund

#About Cancellation and Refund

Flightshubservice has designed a well-informed cancellation and refund policy. If there’s any unknown or sudden emergency, we offer clients the choice to cancel the flight tickets. We provide the facility to cancel the bookings without paying any cancellation fees if it is followed within 24 hours of booking. Moreover, if the client wants to cancel the ticket 24 hours after the booking, a basic cancellation fee will implement.

The recommendation is to cancel the tickets within the same day of purchase to obtain a full refund. Every ticket canceled after the allotted time duration will charge the nominal cancellation price.

Additionally, some hotel accommodation service providers may offer a flexible cancellation policy that allows for the cancellation of a reservation without penalty up to a certain amount of time before the reservation date.

The cancellation or refund application implementation will follow only after obtaining confirmation from the concerned individual. In addition, client will get the notification about the developments taking place about the cancellation or refund request through mail.

Time of Claiming the Refund

The client must discover the lowest-charged flight online on a different hotel booking portal within 3 hours of booking with Flightshubservice for the cancellation that must be known.

The client will get a refund for the best price assured policy. In addition, a client cannot claim more than once for the same bookings even if the low price is accessible on different websites.

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Claiming the Refund

Reach us on our 24/7 client care service assistance for claiming against the cancellation policy. The lowest-price hotel booking deals on your alternative website should be valid when you reach us for the claim. To get the best response for your refund requests, the amount difference in the price will get refund by Flightshubservice.

The Requirements to Claim the Refund

For processing the refund request, the client must send the required documentation through mail to claim the refund against the lowest fare commitments. This must involve the date, travel time, destination, hotel name, type of room, fare, and other essential credentials.

At Flightshubservice, we understand that plans can change, so we offer a flexible cancellation policy. Our policy varies by hotel and room type, so check the terms and conditions before you book.

If you need to cancel or change your reservation, you can do so until the day before your scheduled arrival for most hotels. If you cancel or change your reservation within 24 hours of your scheduled arrival, you may be subject to a fee from the hotel.

To cancel or change your reservation, please take assistance from our experienced client care executives. You can then select the reservation you want to modify and follow the instructions to make your changes.