Privacy Policy

#About Privacy Policy

We at Flightshubservice keep your data secured and follow strict rules for avoiding any misusage or distribution of data. This Privacy Policy showcases such data we may accumulate from you or that you have visited Flightshubservice and used any content, accommodation, and connections displayed on the website. The methodologies ensure the complete privacy of your submitted information. There is no need to worry about data protection as we rely on end-to-end data encryption.

Personal/Corporate Information:

Whenever you visit Flightshubservice, we motivate you to refer to us with your details when assisting us. The policy accepts but is not limited to:

  • Personal information such as name, date of birth, visa details, or some other faulty number, and additional data recognized with the status preference of any of our business associates.
  • Your focal points include the telephone number, alternate residential address, email, and fax information.
  • The method details and charging difference collaborate with the payee, card expiry date, and charging address.
  • Submitting business-related information such as the name of the affiliation, title, and contact details of the associate.
  • Traveler’s details include experience of the hotel, personal details of each member, visitor plans, and meal preferences. Contact details of the visitors.
  • Your response to issues and market surveys designed by us or our subordinates to help you with the best service.

Data Accumulation:

The website will accumulate the data as non-personal information. For most of the part we get and keep, any aspect of the detail you will input when using the website must be provided via a different channel. This determines that the data collected can be used for recognizing you, such as the first and last name, contact details, postal code, email address, fees charged, and even more.

We may have an interest for the information related to your hotel accommodations alongside basic data associated with the vehicle bookings. You can choose whether you want or not want to submit the data we asked for. Every aspect of information we gather will help in booking, completing the profile, taking part in the audit, challenge, or sharing about us with solicitation or beginning the service exchange via the website.

If you are looking for some other individual with the website, we will have the interest for the personal information of the person you are making the bookings.

You must take permission from the individual before submitting the data to us. If there’s any modification of the data, then it will be done through the active account of yours.

We may receive the data of two individuals as non-individual data from associates, acknowledged elements, and other complimentary sources for adding to our account information. The data events that may request include data development, address, purchase transaction, and history information.

Depending on your confirmation settings along with the associate’s information. We may use the data you want to submit to an internet-based media supplier regarding the section to provide the primary content.


The website is not accessible to minors. We do not accept any information submitted by minors and do not request any substance from their end. There’s no need to use or provide information with the website or via any of the features. We will remove the data if we notice that we have collected or received personal details from the minor without their consent. If you think we may have any details about minors, please get in touch with us for any assistance.

We can share the data with our associated efforts to make the bookings easier and hassle-free.